Frameless Cabinets: This type of cabinet is also known as European style, full overlay and 32mm. The most distinctive feature is that it does not have a faceframe. Additionally, each section (bank of drawers, drawer over door, etc.) is an individual cabinet box. The doors and drawer fronts cover the entire face with typically a 1/8" reveal. At exposed ends a plain or decorative panel is applied. One major benefit of this type of cabinet is more usable drawer space as drawers do not have to fit into or over the openings of a faceframe cabinet. This kind of cabinet can also be dressed up with light valances, crown molding, decorative toe kicks, etc. to cover the entire design spectrum. 

Faceframe Cabinets: This type of cabinet starts like a frameless cabinet, but then a faceframe is added to the front. Faceframe cabinets can be found in two basic types: overlay and inset. Overlay faceframe cabinets have doors and drawer fronts that rest on the front of the faceframe and overlay the openings. Inset cabinets have doors and drawer fronts that set into the openings of the faceframe and are flush with the faceframe. Both of these types of cabinets generally have multiple sections (bank of drawers or drawer over door, etc.) that are built into a larger cabinet. In addition, the finished ends are integrated as part of the cabinet. As there are usually horizontal rails between each drawer, these cabinets have less usable drawer space than frameless cabinets. 

Door and Drawer Front Styles: There is an endless selection of styles available to choose from in any wood species. 

Drawers/Pull-Outs and Slides: We offer dovetailed drawer boxes in 2 types. They come either in Solid Maple Pre-finished or 9 Ply Birch Pre-finished. Dovetailed drawers are available as either 1/2" or 5/8". They are available with Blum Tandem undermount full extension soft close slides.
Specialty Accessories: Increased functionality can be added to the cabinets by adding accessory items. Just a few of the many possibilities include adjustable pull-out shelves, lazy susan mechanisms, recycling centers, drawer inserts and so on. 

Wood Species: When choosing a wood species it is important to know how each wood will change during its natural aging process. Each wood changes color over time and dependent on the amount of light that the cabinets are exposed to will determine the speed of the aging process. Each wood species will be reviewed so that you are aware of how the aging process affects the color of the wood.
Finishes: We offer various finishes that include painted, natural, stained and glazed. You will be able to choose from color samples or by supplying your own sample. There may be a small charge during the process of developing the finish. If we are unable to match the finish you will have the option of having the cabinets supplied unfinished.